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Dogs, just like humans, are social creatures and thrive on companionship.

Your dog will spend their day playing, snuggling, exploring and resting with their friends at Hip Hound Holidays.


An important decision dog owners make is what to do with their dog while they’re at work. Play dates provide dogs with important socialization, supervision, unlimited potty breaks, tons of exercise, human companionship and the pleasure of spending their days with their canine friends.


At Hip Hound Holidays play dates, furry friends have a blast connecting with other dogs in the large outdoor play areas. The pack acts as a natural extension of a litter and allows your dog to socialise and interact with other dogs, whilst learning from the other, well behaved dogs.

Since only social dogs are accepted and all dogs supervised always, your dog will unlikely be at risk of getting hurt or be a victim of rough play or bullying.

Dogs who attend play dates get the exercise and socialization they need and the added benefit is that when you pick up your happy, tired and relaxed pet at the end of your long day, you won’t feel the guilt of having him left alone all day – a win/win for both of you!,

Play Dates

Active, high-energy dogs

Twice Weekly

Social dogs

a fun, interactive place for dogs to play with one another

a place where dogs will build their confidence through socializing

•a place where small and big dogs can play together supervised